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What is Sage CRM?

Sage CRM Training and Implementation May 2017

It takes time to fully understand and implement a Sage CRM system. We’ll work with you every step of the way to help you design your system, build it, and train those who will be using it. Work with us when going through the process of Sage CRM training and implementation.

Before we get started, we ask that your staff commit fully to the design process. In order to successfully implement Sage CRM, we must stick to a schedule. You will also need to designate one person as a point of contact for any questions or issues regarding training and support. This will also be the person who coordinates all the information.


To start, we will present a proposal that defines what exactly is included in the project. We will also outline what services are excluded and other conditions that must be honored.

Design Process

This step involves weekly meetings to work with your design team so we can outline how your system will work. Because your CRM involves how information moves through your organization it is imperative that your design team commit to these meeting as they are important to figuring this out.


After we have completed the design, we will start building the system. This step usually takes about a couple weeks to get everything figured out and will overlap with the design process, as we may need to tweak parts of the design. Once your CRM system has been built and tested, we can move on to creating user guides.

User Guides

User guides are extremely helpful when the time comes to roll your system out to end users. The key to this is training videos. These will show and give users a visual on how the system works and how to properly use it.

Go-Live Training

We usually break this step into two 1-hour sessions. Before we begin, though, it’s asked that users review the training material to become familiar with the system. After the first class, there will be a homework exercise that we will follow up on two days later.

Adjustments, Reports, and Dashboards

Now that you’re using the system, you can start collecting data to see where you need to tweak and adjust certain parts of the design. To keep track of everything, you’ll create reports and dashboards.

Administrator Level Training

The system is typically pretty easy for end users because they have access to user guides, training videos, and classes to help them learn and understand it. Administrative level people will need more training than that. The focus of their training will be on developing that point person who can answer questions and respond to issues. Therefore, they need to understand the program on a deeper level. To start, we will work with this person to work through any questions and make necessary changes. This will take as long as it takes, although it tends to take about 90-120 days until they become more self-sufficient.

On-Going Support

Even after training and implementation has been completed, we will be here for any questions or issues that may arise.

So give us a call today if you need help getting your Sage CRM training and implementation. We’re here for you!

Managing Sage CRM projects is the exclusive focus of DCAA.  This singular focus over the past 12+ years gives us a unique and experienced perspective. We’re happy to help with any questions you may have.  Contact us today!

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