Sage CRM Fundamentals, Contact Management

Too often I (Dan) get caught up in the fancier functions of Sage CRM (process controls, integration to accounting), but for many companies, the fastest return they see on CRM is to finally have a consolidated place to manage companies and contacts. 

Too many organizations have only the contacts in accounting (lame) and then each individual has their own contacts and email in Outlook (also lame).  I see significant companies all the time who can only tell you the contacts at a company by first asking a co-worker.  

So, as much as Sage CRM does provide for loads of slick features (workflow, accounting integration, reports, dynamite Outlook integration), we should all keep in mind the incredible value Sage CRM provides just from organizing our companies and contacts in a meaningful and easily accessible way.  

Contact Management is a fundamental CRM function.  This page breaks down how easy it can be to profile your companies and contacts in a way that makes sense for you, allowing you to easily segment your database and market effectively.

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