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Sage CRM Upgrades October 2018

Sage routinely publishes upgrades for Sage CRMFor the past couple of years, these releases have focused on the user experience and in re-vamping Sage CRM’s communications features. But really, there have been a ton of enhancements throughout the system with our new upgrades.

Please note: At the time of making this video, the most recent version of Sage CRM is version 2018R3, which came out in North American in August 2018. The next Sage CRM Upgrade release you’ll see will be v2019R1 and will be out before January 1st, 2019

Most Notable Sage CRM Upgrades

In this video, you will see a version 2018R3 instance of Sage CRM. As you’ll see, there is a look and feel as well as navigation throughout the platform. Most notable, communication has been revamped and will continue to get better. We are continually looking for new ways to make sure your experience is the absolute best. As you can see here the MailChimp integration also keeps evolving and offers a better way to navigate throughout the platform. Also, the new Quick FIND feature is very popular and even now includes the ability to search by phone numbers. Behind the scenes, in administrator, you’ll see System Health and options for the Quick Find feature. Lastly, in current versions of Sage CRM, 2018R3 loads much faster.  Those were just a few items but… there are many as you’re moving through your own platform.

Each upgrade that Sage offers also includes bug fixes and infrastructure changes. Staying current is important when it comes to your platform. Beyond a better user experience and the inefficiencies of older systems, if your version becomes too old, there can issues that we would rather avoid and bugs that no longer exist.  

If you have an older version of Sage CRM, you are likely entitled to the latest upgrades. It’s just a matter of you deploying them because the platform will not upgrade on its own. On the upgrade page of our website we provided high-level summaries for each of the last several upgrades and include hyperlinks to the release notes.

REMEMBER – Sage only support 1 version back.  Sage themselves no longer support version 7.3 and once v2019 comes out Sage will stop support for version 2017.  

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