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Sage Integration Options

Beyond using Sage CRM to manage our interactions with companies and people, by connecting Sage CRM with Sage 100 we can also provide customer facing staff with the option to view accounting data and create orders.

There are 2 options for setting up the integration, the first option is published by Sage and the second option is published by a development partner called Greytrix.

Within Sage’s version of the integration, when we bring up a company, we can launch Sage 100’s Customer Maintenance module to view or edit details related to an existing customer.  We can also launch the Sage 100 Order Entry screens if we need to create a quote or order.   As well, we can also run certain Sage 100 inquiries.  With this Sage version of the integration, users must be within the local area network in order for it to work.

The Greytrix version of the integration is different. When setting it up we can choose to import not only customer and vendors but also import products and price lists.  This allows us to use all of CRM’s internal quoting related functionality.

On approval, orders created in CRM pass over to Sage 100 to be invoiced.  But beyond processing orders, users can see a lot of other valuable financial information.  Notice all of these accounting related tabs that display in the context of a company.  With the Greytrix version of the integration, users do not need to be on local area network in order for it to work. This Greytrix option has more security features, is flexible, and can be modified.

Not only is CRM a more practical environment for customer facing staff, but using CRM results in fewer staff requiring direct access to Sage 100.

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