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The Difference Between Tasks & Appointments

Tasks and appointments share a lot of similarities within Sage CRM. They share the same entry screen and appear in communication lists, but there are a few differences too.

Similarities Between Tasks & Appointments

  • Both Tasks & Appointments share the same entry screen
  • Both can be customized
  • You can set on-screen or email reminders
  • All communications, regardless of status live within the communications folder for the Company, Person, Opportunity or Case they were connected to

Differences Between Tasks & Appointments

  • Tasks do not have a duration (start and end). They strictly have a due date.
  • Tasks are for a single person.
  • Pending tasks appear in the Task section of My CRM / Calendar
  • Appointments have a duration (start and end)
  • Appointments can be for multiple people
  • Appointments show up on the Calendar section of My CRM / Calendar
  • When creating an appointment, you can check the availability of the users being scheduled for the appointment.

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