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Working with Sage CRM Support

The Sage CRM support department is an important part of our system and scheduling a call with a support analyst is quite painless once you sign up for their online scheduler

Aside from scheduling a call with a level 2 support analyst, there are a variety of resources available to you – if you know where to look.  A full breakdown of Sage CRM support options, including how to access the support desk can be found on this page.

Scheduling a call with Sage Support

Just keep in mind that Sage Level 2 agents do not provide planning, training, or any customization services. They don’t get into discussions about designing a Sage CRM workflow nor do they handle issues related to AcceleratorMobileX, or the non-Sage published integrations with accounting systems. The tech support department is good for some items, but the intention is that end-using companies work directly with a partner, ideally My CRM Manager.

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Sage CRM Roadmap

Take a look at what Sage has planned for the next few years! (to 2024). This page also allows you to submit ideas for improvement.

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