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Calling all Sage 100 partners who have limited interest in Sage CRM!

Sage CRM is a practical solution with a stable future. It might not make sense for your firm to develop an internal proficiency with Sage CRM. However, what does makes sense is to have an answer when your Sage 100 clients and prospects ask about it.Let’s look at the important reasons about Partnering with My CRM Manager.

Don’t let a lack of Sage CRM knowledge, skills, or interest, prevent you from cross-selling Sage CRM to your Sage 100 clients. Partnering with My CRM Manager is an excellent strategy for instantly making your Sage 100 firm strong with Sage CRM. 

Valid reasons for partnering with My CRM Manager for Sage CRM

  • Cross-selling Sage CRM keeps your clients happy
  • Cross-selling Sage CRM helps your Sage tier
  • For new Sage 100 prospects, presenting Sage CRM in conjunction with Sage 100 statistically leads to higher close ratios and shorter sales cycles
  • Partnering with My CRM Manager protects your Sage 100 clients from being poached by other Sage 100 partners who offer Sage CRM

Since 2004 My CRM Manager has focused exclusively on Sage CRM. Sage CRM is a communication system, and different companies use it for different purposes. Even though we are proficient at implementing both versions of the Sage 100 to CRM integration, we do not sell or support Sage 100.

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