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GUMU Sage 100 CRM Roadmap

The GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration is definitely progressive. The timeline below reflects significant milestones over the past 3-years and provides a glimpse forward. A detailed breakdown of the integration can be found on the Sage 100 page.

Initial Launch (Advance Sage 100 CRM)

Greytrix publishes their GUMU for Sage 100 CRM to overcome limitations of the default Sage 100 integration to Sage CRM. 

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Multi-Company & Real-Time Pricing

Added Multi-company support (multiple Sage 100 databases) to the integration as well as real-time pricing.

MCM / Greytrix Partnership

In January of 2019, Greytrix entered a partnership with My CRM Manager to actively promote the product. AND to work with Greytrix developers to improve the GUMU™.

Q1 2019
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Q3 2019

Buying Trends Key Statistics

One of the very first enhancements we rolled out was the tab comparing this year versus last year (units and sales volume). This began a trend of providing the CRM user with more meaningful statistics. This release also introduced the FIND/ INVENTORY feature. Fall 2019 Announcement

Quick Line Entry (QLE Screens)

This was when we first introduced the Quick Line Entry (QLE) screens that allowed for faster Quote/Order entry. This feature set was a significant milestone towards making Sage CRM more popular for order processing.

Q1 2020
order processing3
Q3 2020

Sage 100 Reports Inside Sage CRM

Introduced graphical charts that display Sage 100 data, and provided even deeper visibility into Inventory history, Fall 2020 Announcement

Ruby Edition!!

This release included modernizing a lot of the integration screens but also changed the reporting engine so that we could include Sage 100 data into Sage CRM default reporting and dashboards. Ruby Announcement Spring 2021

Q2 2021
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Q3 2021

Expanded Statistics

Expanded the key statistics displayed on the company summary screen, made the graphs on the company summary screen collapsible.

More Focus on Reports

We are currently focused on expanding the default reports that the GUMU™ provides and specifically, showing profitability. So, bringing costs into the mix by invoice. This allows us to display profitability by the salesperson. These reports are based on requests from existing clients.

Q2 2022

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