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Updated Sage CRM Mailchimp User Guide

When one of our accounts wants to start taking advantage of Sage CRM’s practical (and free) Mailchimp integration, we typically provide them with our Mailchimp User Guide and then schedule a meeting to go through it together. Since both Mailchimp and the Sage CRM integration keep evolving, it is an ongoing effort to keep our User Guides up to date. This week, my colleague April released an updated version of our Guide. You can download this updated Mailchimp User guide from the bottom of the Marketing page of the My CRM Manager website.

Note – We use Mailchimp internally to message (a) prospects, (b) the Sage 100 and Sage 100 consultants (approx 1,600), and (c) certain Sage employees (maybe 80 but they never read). The image below shows the stats for the February 1st Mailchimp blast to the Sage 100/300 channel.

mailchimp stats feb 1.2022b

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