Quick Start Implementation Plan

Companies do really cool things with Sage CRM.  This can include leveraging the process automation features, creating new screens, apply sophisticated screen level scripting, etc.  The options are almost endless. 

Too often, with new projects the client insists that these features exist before going live with Sage CRM. Sometimes this is appropriate, however building out these features can delay the strong ROI companies gain by just using the fundamentals features of Sage CRM. Sometimes it makes the most sense to ‘just use it’.

The objective of our Quick Start Implementation Package is to get clients up and running right away with a strong handle on the basics of Sage CRM. This package includes all the initial technical work as well as some key features that focus on adoption. 

Quick Start Timeline

This Quick Start approach was introduced to us by Ralph at Timespare, the goto partner for Sage CRM in Germany. It seems obvious now…but it took Ralph several attempts to get this through to me.  Thank you Ralph!

MCM New About Us page

From paying attention to what pages the people that visit the My CRM Manager our website visit, we now understand that our About Us page is the most visited page. So – to me that means that it better look good!

Our new About Us page that more accurately represents our resources. If you click on any of the resources, you can see more information and, in many cases, short videos.

New Accelerator User Guide

We now have a user Accelerator User Guide reflecting the new Accelerator Feature set and user interface.  The guide can be downloaded from this link. This version is a complete rebuild of Accelerator, making it (1) easier to user, and (2) provides a modernized interface. 

At My CRM Manager, almost all our projects use Accelerator as it has such a profound impact on user adoption. Clients that use Accelerator, collect more data in their Sage CRM instance and are much happier. 

Below is the overview video of the new version.  A complete breakdown of Accelerator functionality is found on this page of the My CRM Manager website.

GUMU™ 100 Assigning a serial number to a Quote Item

As the GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration increases in popularity as an order processing system, we are coming across niche requirements that Sage 100 customers can easily do in Sage 100, that they now need to be able to do via CRM. 

One such example is to assigning a serial number to an item at the Quote level (as opposed to the invoice level). We can now accommodate this requirement, even on the Quick Line Entry screens.

Sage 100 – Linking a RMA to a Case

This video shows how users can easily associate a Sage 100 RMA to a Case in Sage CRM using the GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration. 

Sage CRM makes it easy for customer service agents to create a case in CRM directly from an Outlook email, and then link the case to an RMA. All email correspondence as well as all details about the issue (when it came in, how it was dealt with) are there. SUPER EASY.

GUMU™ Sage 100 User Experience 2021

So much has changed with the Sage 100 integration over the past year that I needed to update the User Experience video.  The updated version properly reflects the 2021 version of the GUMU™ (aka Ruby) including the enhanced user interface, dynamic Sage 100 reports, etc. 

All information about the GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration is found on the Sage 100 page of the mycrmmanager.com website.

Why Sage CRM is fantastic

Jeff Richards (head of Sage CRM Training and Development) asked me to submit a 30-second video to him on why I thought Sage CRM was fantastic. This is my submission.

Note – given that the points in my video are 100% accurate, Sage CRM is a very underrecognized solution. All industry analysts recognize it as a top 5 CRM within the SME market while at the same time it also gets the value award. And there is the accounting integration on top of that.  Sage CRM should be front and center when SME companies evaluate CRMs, especially if/when they are using a Sage accounting system.

Accelerator 2021

Accelerator – the advanced integration between Sage CRM and MS Outlook has just released their version 2021.  This is a very significant release. Below is a 5-minute video followed by my notes related to the technical and usability enhancements.

Architectural Changes

  1. Supports 365 without the client – this means web-outlook as well as Mac users. Note – there are some technical limitations (90% of Accelerator features).  Note that currently, Accelerator is the only CRM/Outlook integration that supports this.  Neither SFDC nor MS CRM supports this feature.

  2. Allows for automatic updates. No longer will a technician be required to log onto your server to update a license key or updates. Users will see an ‘Update Available’ on their instance of Accelerator.

Usability Changes

Generally, this new version provides a better user experience. Looks better, easier to use, etc.

  1. The screens and layout have been completely modernized.

  2. Users can select different font sizes and colors.

  3. The header information displays the total count for communication records, open cases, open opportunities, and open leads.

  4. When filing emails, Accelerator will now show you any/all possible matches if your email has more than 1 potential match. Additionally, when filing emails, any inline images (signatures) are recorded in CRM as inline images and not attachments. This means your documents folders will not get cluttered with email signature files.

  5. For outbound emails, when using Shared Documents or Templates, the user can now ‘Preview’ before selecting.

  6. Linking appointments to CRM is now more streamlined.

Sage CRM Summit 2021

At the May 5th Sage CRM Summit Event (global), My CRM Manager knocked the sox off of the global Sage CRM community with a presentation on the s5Maps (Google Maps) a Sage 100 (Greytrix version) integrations to Sage CRM.