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MobileX User Experience

MobileX is the companion product to Accelerator. For systems that require users to access Sage CRM from their smartphones, MobileX is what we recommend.  More information can be found on the mobile access page of the My CRM Manager website. MobileX can be extended to show ERP/Accounting data too!
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Quoting from Sage CRM

Many of our systems allow users to generate Quotes from Sage CRM. The templates can be completely customized to suit your requirements. This can include: Branded Reformatted Providing funky logic Providing a variety of templates for different scenarios Embedded Pictures Machine and sub-options Embedded Signatures
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Data Islands

Data Islands, published by CRM Together, is an App and Platform for Data Sharing & Delivery. I have provided a practical example from our system in the video below. Query, Publish and Share data via API’s and Apps. Using the App – Build Micro Data Warehouses to reconcile different datasets from disparate data sources. – Share Datasets with your distributors, manufacturers and Partners – Secure ...
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Configuring Sage CRM’s Outbound Email using 365

Configuring the Sage CRM instance to properly send out email is a function of the client’s IT team. This is because most of the setup is done within MS Exchange Admin Center.  Fortunately Sage publishes and maintains thorough documentation about setting configuring Sage CRM to work with your company’s 365 emails. Here is the link to the Sage CRM help center. From the help center link, ...
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No more SQL runtime edition for Sage CRM projects

Sage CRM requires MS SQL. And most customers do not already have MS SQL when they go to implement Sage CRM. Historically, clients could get the necessary SQL from Sage and this was referred to as Sage runtime MS SQL, however, at some point over the past few months (summer 2022), Sage dropped this option. I only learned this when I tried to place a ...
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Sage CRM v2022R2

Sage CRM globally released their v2022R2 in late August and this became available in North America in October.  You can review the release notes on our Sage CRM upgrades page. And clicking the link below will launch a video from Jeff Richards overviewing this notable release.  Notable because Sage has finally done away with their default Outlook Plugin. We (My CRM Manager) abandoned that Plugin ...
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MobileX New UI

CRM Together released a new UI for MobileX on October 11th, 2022. This release is recognized as  This new interface has all the same features and functions – just a cleaner interface with similar icons and style sheets as MobileX’s sister product Accelerator.  We use MobileX internally and can provide personalized demonstrations on request. Additional information can be found on our Mobile Access page.  ...
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Managing Receivables in Sage CRM

One of our accounts that uses the GUMU­™ Sage 100 CRM integration has made it easier to view and manage Past Due Receivables.  From the Past Due tab, users can see all of their customer’s 30/60/90, credit limits, etc. The system color codes the accounts based on how dire they might be. But then you can click right into the customer to see (image 2 ...
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