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Newport Theme – Adding or Removing

My CRM Manager publishes an alternative UI for Sage CRM called ‘Newport’. The 2-minute video below covers the highlights. Below we have provided (1) an overview, (2) instructions on how to apply it, (3) key changes, and (4) answers to FAQs.   1. Overview of the Newport Theme 2. Adding or Removing the Newport Theme For the Newport theme, the icons are all coming from a ...
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Sage CRM Fields, Screens, and Lists

Modifying the Fields, Screens, and Lists within your Sage CRM instance is something we want you to understand. It is easy once you get the hang of it AND hugely important since we need to profile information in a way that makes sense for your organization – and then easily see or filter for that information later on.
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Our ID Generator utility ensures a consistent naming convention for data created in Sage CRM.  For example your opportunity descriptions. So, instead of having multiple opportunities with the same name ‘Big Deal’, it can have something more meaningful such as 23-0998 /My CRM Manager / 10.26.2023. IDs can be applied to anything within Sage CRM, Cases, Leads, Opportunities, Equipment or whatever you are trying to ...
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Greytrix and MCM working together to help Sage ERP partners

Greytrix and My CRM Manager are making a more significant effort to help Sage ERP Partners! The email that went out on September 13th, 2023 (image below) is a good example of this union.  Greytrix have the best integrations – but often clients and partner prefer an on-shore resource to help manage the project and this is the benefit of the Greytrix/MCM combo. 
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My CRM Update September 2023

This message is for Sage ERP partners (100, Intacct, 300, etc.). The biggest things going on at My CRM Manager include: Newport Theme for Sage CRM (different and modernized UI) Ongoing changes to the GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration Very steady flow of new Sage CRM projects – mainly Sage 100 CRM projects but also Sage 300, X3, and Sage 50  My CRM Manager is ...
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GUMU™ Enhancements August 2023

This 3-minute video is a good example of the ever improving GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration. Our Sage 100 page has a complete breakdown of the GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM integration. To get a realistic idea of pricing, go to our Sage CRM pricing calculator.
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GUMU Salesforce to Sage 100

Our GUMU™ Salesforce to Sage 100 page is ready for go-time. This page includes two 5-minute explainer videos, one for the user experience (below) and a second for the configuration features. There is also a link to the GUMU™ Salesforce to Sage pricing calculator, which cover Sage 100, 300, X3, and Intacct.
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Connecting 1 CRM company to multiple customer records

By default, integrated CRMs typically connect a single CRM account to a single customer (or vendor) record. Many companies would prefer a single CRM account be mapped to multiple customers and/or vendors. Our 1:Many component for Sage CRM handles this for both Sage 100 and Sage 300.
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