Accelerator: Modifying your Outlook Ribbon

Not seeing all the Accelerator features from your Outlook? This can be corrected by modifying your Outlook Ribbon. Watch this 2-minute video below!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sage CRM’s Outlook Plugin (Accelerator) can be found on our Accelerator page

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MobileX now on iOS store

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Sage CRM’s MobileX component is now available for download from the iOS store. Here is the link

Connect to your Sage CRM system, log calls, create companies, people, opportunities and more.

MobileX is the companion product to Accelerator

iPhone Screen Shots
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Mail Merge Using Accelerator

Accelerator‘s Mail Merge feature allows users to edit documents on the fly – without having to download and then re-upload the edited document. 

This works for Word and PDF documents. Also, when saving your document you can:

  • Re-label the document type
  • Re-label the document name
  • Define the communication Action type (ie letter out or otherwise)
  • Add a description to the document and communication record being created
  • Attach the modified document to an outbound email

Additional information related to Accelerator is found on this page of the My CRM Manager website.

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