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MOTM March 5th – Silver Sponsor

My CRM Manager is a Silver Sponsor this year at the annual “Meeting of the Minds” convention on March 5th. It is (of course) a virtual convention this year and we will have a booth representing ourselves as well as both Greytrix and CRM Together. With Greytrix, we work closely with them to constantly improve the GUMU™ for Sage 100 CRM.  Through February, March, and …

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Advanced Lead Management

Normally, we connect a lead in Sage CRM to just a single company and to a single person.  But what if you have multiple companies associated with a single lead?  Using our Advanced Lead Management utility, you can create as many people or companies from a lead as you require.  Whatever happens to make sense to your organization!

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Leads in Sage CRM – What does it mean?

The expression ‘Lead’ means different things to different people, sometimes it is used to label a company (or person) and other times is it used to describe the early stage of a Sales opportunity.  Within the Sage CRM application, the expression Lead is used to define unqualified data that needs to be qualified. I have had this conversation 100s of times, and it can still …

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Sage 300 CRM – Creating a Quote or Order

Sage CRM users can create a Sage 300 Quote or Order within Sage CRM.   Not only do they not require a Sage 300 license for this feature, but it means everything related to the transaction can easily be found. A profile of opportunity, any documents, any communications – and the Quotes and Orders all in the same location. The Sage 300 integration has a lot …

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Project Example – 20 Property Managers 100 buildings

The ACMS system manages the activities related to condominiums.  Issues, jobs, vendors – and of course all communications and documents. It is used not only by property managers and their support staff but also by the owners and boards of directors associated with the buildings. Users can provide comprehensive reports to the boards they serve, but boards (and owners) can also access the system via …

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Sage CRM and Sage 100 Job Costing

One of our clients found it very practical to integrate Sage CRM with their Sage 100 Job Costing module.  This streamlined populating the job in Job Costing and also made it easier to share information amongst non-accounting staff.

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Opportunity Workflow Example B

In this example of Sage CRM’s workflow engine, the user has the choice of selecting from more than 1 workflow.  And, the rules that display are conditional to the opportunity type.

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Project Example 14 Users over 5 Departments

This is the first of what will hopefully be many examples of Sage CRM in action. In this system, we connect staff from a variety of different departments to individual projects (aka opportunities). It is a great deployment of Sage CRM as it provides complete transparency over the status of individual projects, users, and departments. Watch this example on YouTube.

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