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Pilot Package for Sage CRM

Have someone sitting on the fence with a Sage CRM decision?  We offer an evaluation package (aka Pilot Package) that can move those fence-sitters.  The pilot package is a great way for organizations to seriously evaluate the benefits of Sage CRM before fully committing.   We are so confident that we can get the end using Sage 100 or 300 company to move forward with Sage …

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Sage 50 CRM Updates April 2021

Major enhancements have just come out for the Sage 50 integration.  The integration now includes additional field statistics on the company summary screen including the total amount outstanding (summing invoices) as well as the total number of invoices outstanding. Below is a short overview.  The latest material for the Sage 50 integration can be found on the Sage 50 page of the My CRM Manager …

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Sage CRM versus

Since I have been watching visitors on our website (Hotjar), I have noticed that many people visit our website via a Sage CRM vs page that I had created 4 years ago.   Since it seemed so ugly and visited, I have gone back and brushed it up.  Keep in mind that I am not a subject matter expert to any degree and I’m …

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Sage CRM Pricing Calculator

Our new pricing calculator is meant to make it easier for end-companies to understand the rough costs of implementing Sage CRM. While it only provides a rough estimate, it is pretty decent. And it helps emphasize that Sage CRM requires professional assistance to deploy correctly. You can try out the calculator on this page of the My CRM Manager website.

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Profiling Farms in Sage CRM

One of our clients in agriculture pays attention to the crops grown on their customer’s farm.  We created a ‘Farms’ entity which pulls address information and then gave them a slick way of profiling individual farms in a way that made sense to them.

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Client Interview Series – ACMS

These interviews are less about My CRM Manager and more about the process of creating a good system. In this interview with Crystal Deley, owner of ACMS, she discusses her vision for a fully integrated system, why she selected Sage CRM over an industry-specific solution, the process of executing her vision, and how it has taken longer than she expected.  There is also a 2-minute …

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Sage CRM Podcast Series – with Dan Cousins Ep.3

Jeff Richards (head of Sage CRM training and development) and David Beard (Sage CRM Principal) have a podcast series wherein they interview a handful of Sage CRM partners from around the world.  This is the third (last) of 10-minute segments they did with me (Dan).  Here are the links to the first and second episodes. In this third episode, we cover: -The risks associated with …

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Leveraging Hotjar

We are constantly trying to improve upon our web presence by generating more content, making the content easy to consume, etc.  Ian McFarlan (our web-marketing person) applied a web-analytics tool called Hotjar against our site – which is giving me incredible feedback on how people consume the information on our site.   This is a fantastic tool and I’d recommend it (and Ian) to anyone who …

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