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Default Values Manager

Sometimes clients want a new entry in CRM to inherit a value determined elsewhere. For example: When creating a new opportunity, the Industry field on the opportunity screen should inherit the Industry value previously defined on the Company summary screen. When creating a Case, the account manager field on the Case screen should inherit the value defined on the Company screen. Our Default Values Manager …

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Accelerator 2021

Accelerator – the advanced integration between Sage CRM and MS Outlook has just released their version 2021.  This is a very significant release. Below is a 5-minute video followed by my notes related to the technical and usability enhancements. Architectural Changes Supports 365 without the client – this means web-outlook as well as Mac users. Note – there are some technical limitations (90% of …

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My CRM Manager now an official distributor for s5Maps

April 30th, 2021. My CRM Manager is proud to announce that we are now an official distributor for s5Maps.  What does this mean? s5Maps has selected a few distinct Sage CRM companies around the world to represent them and support the larger Sage CRM channel.  This means that, if/when Sage partners have questions or want to place an order, they do so through one of …

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Sage CRM Summit 2021

At the May 5th Sage CRM Summit Event (global), My CRM Manager knocked the sox off of the global Sage CRM community with a presentation on the s5Maps (Google Maps) a Sage 100 (Greytrix version) integrations to Sage CRM.

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Eliminate adoption issues

Poor user adoption is the silent killer of any CRM strategy.  And unless using the system is somehow unavoidable, the silent killer will haunt your initiative. You can easily sidestep adoption issues by simply not giving users a choice. I don’t mean ‘use the system or else!’ That approach never works well. Rather, what I mean is, when you are planning your system, have it …

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My CRM Manager at Greytrix booth for Sage Summit

Dan Cousins of My CRM Manager will be accompanying Kumar and Dhiraj at the Greytrix booth May 25-17th.  Please stop in to learn the latest and greatest about Greytrix, including (but not limited to) their line-up of GUMU™ integrations for Sage 100, X3, Intacct, and Sage 300.  Particularly eventful is the launch of the ‘Ruby’ version of GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM. This Ruby version has …

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GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM ‘Ruby’ release

This week we began deploying the latest version of Greytrix’s GUMU™ Sage 100 CRM – aka ‘Ruby’ to clients. This version of integration includes a new reporting engine which allows us to bring in more Sage 100 data in the form of graphics.  The entire system has been updated with other cosmetic changes that make the system look better. Please do watch the 2-minute video …

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Sage CRM’s Process Control Features – How to get started

Sage CRM’s process automation features make the difference between success and failure in a CRM initiative.  But where to get started?  This 5-minute video provides an overview of the topic and explains our process for helping organizations leveraging these features. More information and examples of these features in action can be viewed on this page of the My CRM Manager website.

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